Are you one of those people who have a beautiful looking golf swing? Or do you look a bit like a dogs breakfast when hitting the ball?

We all know at least one person whose golf swing is unconventional but gets where it needs to. When playing golf all we really want is to hit the ball with power and precision and it doesn't need to look good.

The problems with a lot of the golfers out there is not how their swing looks but what limits them being able to move better, more efficiently and reduce injury whilst playing golf.

The main injuries sustained in golf come about due to poor body movement patterns and deconditioning or weakness in areas being placed under repetitive load throughout a game of golf.

Most of the times these injuries can be prevented by ensuring that you are completed a targeted exercise program to compliment the movement you need when playing golf.

So to make it easy for you, and with the help of Mitch Donlan, our resident Golf Pro, Body Dynamics has designed a program to do just that. Our program works on improving your mobility, joint stability, general and functional golf strength, perfect for meeting the needs of a new golfer or someone who wants to start improving their golf game through exercise.

We are not saying that our program will make your swing prettier. What we are saying is that by targeting your exercise you should feel less stiffness in your swing, be able to have more consistency through your game and ultimately play better golf.

Hi, I’m Heidi an Exercise Physiologist and wanna be golfer

Working as an Exercise Physiologist since 2004, I have seen 100's of clients for health and injury rehab that also wanted to improve their golf game.

So many clients felt it was an unrealistic goals because of stiffness throughout their body, their age, or their general fitness and strength.

We targeted exercises we have been able to improve 100's of people golf games and reduce their injury rate.

The Beginner Golf Program targets the areas that limit your game and will see you improve the feel of your swing, the way you move, reduce your injury risk and might even just get you hitting further and more accurately.

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